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The Lynx is a medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, that offers plenty of smooth and controllable power and is very responsive to bar input. The kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics make depower kiting easy and accessible in a wide variety of conditions. It is this stability and predictable flight behaviour that makes the Lynx perfectly suitable for experienced riders that need a safe high wind engine. Yet it is designed to be as easy and user friendly as possible to guarantee a great kiting experience even for riders just getting into the sport. 

As safety is paramount in any entry level depower kite we have incorporated a new ‘stop and go’ safety system, this safety guarantees 100% depower even in tricky conditions and a no hassle re-launch. The system can also be used to safely launch and anchor the kite if you need to take a break.

Peter Lynn Lynx V4 11 grey

Artikelnummer: VMPL4811
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